Description Edit

Lilah, also known as the Lost Girl, has snow white hair bleached from years in the Rot and Ruin that contrasts her very tanned skin. She wears revealing clothes due to a lack of clothing. Her social skills are minimal at best and she is rarely ever seen before she joins the Imura gang.

Early Life Edit

Two years old at the time of The Fall, Lilah, her pregnant mother and a man named George ran from the zombies to a farmhouse, where they got trapped. Her mother gave birth to her sister, Annie, while in the farmhouse. Her mother died and reanimated after she gave birth. Lilah screamed so much that she lost her voice, because she had seen George kill what had been her mother. George, Lilah and her newborn sister were trapped in the farmhouse for days. they finally fought their way out and survived together. George taught Lilah and Annie to fight, he would find books and clothes for the two girls, until when Lilah was eleven, Charlie Pink-Eye and The Motor City Hammer kidnapped the girls and beat George. Annie tried to escape, but she tripped and hit her head on a rock, killing her. Lilah found the reanimated Annie and quieted her. She lived by herself for five years. She later found out that George had committed suicide.

Life After Being Found Edit

Lilah lived with the Chongs for a while. She seemed to be in love with Tom Imura, and later falls in love with Lou Chong.

Skills and Weapons Edit

She knows every possible way to kill zoms and people. She carries around a spear.

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